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J Sports Sci. 2016 Dec;34(24):2262-2268. Epub 2016 May 23.

Monitoring weekly heart rate variability in futsal players during the preseason: the importance of maintaining high vagal activity.

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a NAR - Nucleus of High Performance in Sport , São Paulo , Brazil.
b Department of Physical Education , State University of Londrina , Londrina , Brazil.
c Department of Futsal , Sport Club Corinthians Paulista , São Paulo , Brazil.
d Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology , University of Alabama , Tuscaloosa , AL , USA.
e Department of Medicine and Aging Sciences, Behavioral Imaging and Neural Dynamics Center , University "G. d'Annuzio" of Chieti-Pescara , Chieti , Italy.


This study aimed to compare the weekly natural log of the root-mean-square difference of successive normal inter-beat (RR) intervals (ln RMSSDWeekly) and its coefficient of variation (ln RMSSDCV) in response to 5 weeks of preseason training in professional male futsal players. A secondary aim was to assess the relationship between ln RMSSDWeekly and ln RMSSDCV. The ln RMSSD is a measure of cardiac-vagal activity, and ln RMSSDCV represents the perturbations of cardiac autonomic homeostasis, which may be useful for assessing how athletes are coping with training. Ten futsal players had their resting ln RMSSD recorded prior to the first daily training session on four out of approximately five regular training days · week-1. Session rating of perceived exertion (sRPE) was quantified for all training sessions. Despite weekly sRPE varying between 3455 ± 300 and 5243 ± 463 arbitrary units (a.u.), the group changes in ln RMSSDWeekly were rated as unclear (using magnitude-based inference), although large inter-individual variability in ln RMSSD responses was observed. The ln RMSSDCV in weeks 4 and 5 were likely lower than the previous weeks. A large and significant negative correlation (r = -0.53; CI 90%: -0.36; -0.67) was found between ln RMSSD and ln RMSSDCV. Therefore, monitoring individual ln RMSSD responses is suggested since large inter-individual variations may exist in response to futsal training. In addition, higher values of ln RMSSD are associated with lower oscillations of cardiac autonomic activity.


Cardiac autonomic activity; court sports; indoor soccer; overloading; overreaching

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