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Appetite. 1989 Feb;12(1):1-10.

Drinking saccharin increases food intake and preference--I. Comparison with other drinks.

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Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104.


To examine the orosensory and postingestive effects of saccharin solution on food intake and food preference, freely feeding rats were given flavored food to eat and a solution to drink for 2 h on eight to ten occasions. Relative to trials with a different flavored food and only water to drink, food intake was increased by drinking 0.2% saccharin or 0.45% NaCl, unaffected by drinking 1% almond extract, and decreased by drinking 10% glucose. Food preference, which was assessed in a choice test with simultaneous access to the two flavored foods, was increased by drinking 0.2% saccharin or 10% glucose and unaffected by drinking 1% almond extract or 0.45% NaCl. These results are consistent with the possibility that a combination of the oral and hydrational properties of saccharin solution increase food intake. Saccharin's sweet taste may be responsible for its effects on food preference.

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