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Virology. 1989 May;170(1):81-91.

The nucleoprotein gene of Ebola virus: cloning, sequencing, and in vitro expression.

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Division of Viral Diseases, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia 30333.


Genomic and messenger RNAs of a Zaire strain of Ebola virus were cloned, and inserts specific for the nucleoprotein gene were isolated and sequenced. The nucleoprotein gene is located proximal to the 3' end of the genome and is preceeded by a putative leader sequence. The gene begins with the transcriptional start site sequence 3'-UACUCCUUCUAAUU..., and ends with the polyadenylation site sequence 3'-... UAAUUCUUUUUU. The predicted coding region is 2217 bases in length and encodes a protein that contains 739 amino acids, with a calculated molecular weight of 83.3 kDa. The protein has an approximate net charge of -30 and can be divided into a hydrophobic N-terminal half and a hydrophilic and highly acidic C-terminal half. An in vitro transcript, generated from plasmid DNA containing the entire coding region, directs the synthesis of authentic nucleoprotein in a rabbit reticulocyte lysate system. The genomic organization and transcriptional signals of Ebola are similar to those of other nonsegmented, negative-strand RNA viruses, but nucleic acid or amino acid sequence comparisons indicate a lack of similarity.

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