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Trans Ophthalmol Soc U K. 1977 Apr;97(1):74-7.

Iris-supported lens implantation v. simple cataract extraction. An analysis of data.


In a study of a selected age (greater than 60) and ocularly matched population requiring cataract extraction, a perfectly executed intracapsular cataract extraction followed by the introduction of a Fyodorov Type II ("Sputnik") lens did not lead to irreversible anterior or posterior segment changes different from those seen in a group followed for from 5 to 9 years. It did lead to an incidence of implant support dislocation and to membrane formation in about 10% of cases, reducible to about 2% with correctly made lenses and the appropriate use of postoperative drugs. The incidence of corneal degeneration (0), retinal detachment (2%), and intraretinal cystic maculopathy (3%) was equal in each group. Visual acuity levels were also equal. In appropriate cases, if the surgery is carried out with sufficient skill, the reward to risk ratio of implantation not only justifies but indicates the use of such lenses.

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