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Yeast. 1989 Mar-Apr;5(2):99-106.

RAG1 and RAG2: nuclear genes involved in the dependence/independence on mitochondrial respiratory function for growth on sugars.

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Institute of Genetics, University of Parma, Italy.


The analysis of five independent isolates of Kluyveromyces lactis shows that CBS 2359, CBS 683 and CBS 4574 could grow in the presence of mitochondrial inhibitors (antimycin A, oligomycin or erythromycin) and that CBS 2360 and CBS 141 were unable to grow in the presence of drugs. The resistant growth was observed only on glucose and not on other fermentable carbon sources (galactose, lactose). The phenotype 'growth on glucose in the presence of mitochondrial inhibitors' was called Rag+. This phenotype was found to be controlled by two unlinked nuclear genes: RAG1 and RAG2. Either of their recessive alleles, rag1 and rag2, led to the Rag- phenotype (i.e. the failure of growth on glucose in the presence of antimitochondrial drugs). Rag- strains represent the case in which fermentative growth becomes absolutely dependent on the functioning of the normal respiratory chain.

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