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Genet Epidemiol. 1989;6(6):691-8.

On the role of vitamin D binding globulin in glucose homeostasis: results from the San Luis Valley Diabetes Study.

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Human Genetics Division, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, PA 15261.


Several studies have reported association between noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and GC, the vitamin D binding protein of human plasma, with the GC 1 allele in significant excess among diabetics. Additionally, there is a considerable body of animal data suggesting that vitamin D has a significant impact on insulin secretion. Examination of the insulin levels in Dogrib Indians showed that the lowest levels of fasting insulin were associated with the GC IF-IF genotype. The present study examined levels of glucose, C-peptide, and insulin at fasting and 1 hr and 2 hr following a 75 g oral glucose challenge, in a population of Hispanic-Americans and Anglos in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. The sample comprised a total of 468 individuals with normal glucose tolerance. Of these, 289 were Anglos and 179 were Hispanic-Americans. An analysis of covariance was performed to determine the effect of the GC genotypes on mean levels of the primary variables--glucose, C-peptide, and insulin--and a secondary variable--insulinogenic index adjusting for the covariates age, body mass index (BMI), gender, and ethnicity. The analyses revealed that there is a significant difference in mean levels of glucose at fasting (F value = 2.46; P = 0.033) among the GC genotypes in the sample. Additionally, the differences in mean levels of 1 hr postprandial glucose among the GC genotypes although not significant at a 5% level, were significant at the 10% level. No other significant phenotypic effects were observed. These analyses are not in concordance with the results of an earlier study, where lower fasting insulin was associated with the GC 1F-1F genotype.

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