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J Okla State Med Assoc. 2015 Dec;108(12):596-8.

Orthotics Compared to Conventional Therapy and Other Non-Surgical Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis.



In adults with acute plantar fasciitis whose symptoms have not been relieved with the conventional regimen of NSAIDS, stretching and lifestyle modification, do the addition of orthotics (prefabricated or custom fitted) reduce pain and improve function compared with other non-surgical treatments (manipulative chiropractic, physical therapy and/or heel steroid injections)?


Yes. Studies have shown that orthotics, both prefabricated and custom fitted, reduce pain and improve function in adults with acute plantar fasciitis with few risks or side effects. Used alone or in addition to conventional therapy (NSAIDs, stretching, lifestyle modification), orthotics are effective and well tolerated by patients for short-term pain relief and improved function. Prefabricated orthotics are less costly and provide similar relief to more expensive custom orthotics. Level of Evidence of the Answer: A Search Terms: Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, treatment, orthotics, Limits: Adult, human, English, Review, Randomized-Control Trials, Systematic Reviews, adults age 18 or more, publication dates 2004 to present. Date Search was Conducted: January 16, 2014; updated January 20, 2015 INCLUSION CRITERIA: Recent published systematic reviews, randomized controlled, meta-analyses; adults with confirmed acute or recent diagnosis of plantar fasciitis.


Studies older than 10 years, children, adolescents less than 18 years of age, chronic or recalcitrant plantar fasciitis.

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