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Gene. 1989 Oct 15;82(1):5-30.

Comparative and functional anatomy of group II catalytic introns--a review.

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Centre de Génétique Moléculaire du C.N.R.S., 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France.


The 70 published sequences of group II introns from fungal and plant mitochondria and plant chloroplasts are analyzed for conservation of primary sequence, secondary structure and three-dimensional base pairings. Emphasis is put on structural elements with known or suspected functional significance with respect to self-splicing: the exon-binding and intron-binding sites, the bulging A residue involved in lariat formation, structural domain V and two isolated base pairs, one of them involving the last intron nucleotide and the other one, the first nt of the 3' exon. Separate sections are devoted to the 29 group II-like introns from Euglena chloroplasts and to the possible relationship of catalytic group II introns to nuclear premessenger introns. Alignments of all available sequences of group II introns are provided in the APPENDIX.

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