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Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi. 2015 Aug;35(8):2067-72.

[The Study about Spectrum Characteristic Analysis Method in the Induction Period of Gas Explosion Flame].

[Article in Chinese]


Through analyzing the spectroscopic data of gas explosion flame whose volume fraction is 10% under a small scale experimental condition based on the target emission spectrum analysis methods; presents the gas explosion flame spectrum characteristic analysis methods about frequency domain feature parameters which include spectral density, band radiation light intensity, band average deviation, the time domain characteristic parameter which include band radiation energy, time average and deviation and the characteristic parameters which include skewness, kurtosis and half width; obtain the results that in the vicinity of somewhere, the spectral density converts between positive and negative in the range of 1 nm that the light intensity of gas explosion flame changes dramatically; the definite integral of gas explosion flame spectral waveband is strongest in the 550~900 nm; with the wavelength increases the detected time grow, the gas explosion flame spectral signal strength attenuation trends on the whole and after the peak interval appeared in the process of decay have weaken the strength of the enhanced; results show tha the target emission spectrum analysis methods can be applied to do the semi-quantitative analysis of dynamic process of gas explosion, the analysis spectral characteristics can be taken as a standard to detecting gas explosion flame.


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