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[The experimental study on repair of noise-induced hearing loss in guinea pigs by bone marrow NTCSCs transplantation].

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To observe the repairing effects of bone marrow transplantation with nerve tissue committed stem cell (NTCSCs) on experimental rats with injury of noise-induced hearing loss.


Guinea pigs were randomly divided into control group, noise exposure group and the transplanting group. A week after white noise exposure of 110 dB, NTCSCs and PBS were injected into guinea pigs of the noise exposure group and the transplanting group respectively. One week after noise exposure to four weeks continuous administration. ABR thresholds were measured respectively prior to the experiment, 1 week post-noise,1, 2 and 4 weeks post-drugs, The changes of cochlea hair cells were also observed by a scan electron microscope (SEM).


The ABR threshold shifts in the transplanting group were significantly fewer than that in the noise exposure group. SEM showed that hear hair of the inner and outer hair cells in noise exposure group displayed mess, fusion and imperfections. In the transplanting treatment group, the hair cells displayed slight pathological changes, there wasn't significant differents comparied with normal group. The number of OHCs were relatively stable in the normal group, while the obvious OHC loss was observed in other groups. There was significant difference among the three groups, however, the OHC loss in the transplanting group was no significantly different to that in the noise exposure (P > 0.05).


The bone marrow NTCSCs which had been transplanted to rat cochlea could reduce the damage of the noise on the hair cell, and thus played a role in repairing the damage of auditory nerve.

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