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Zhongguo Zhen Jiu. 2015 Aug;35(8):778-80.

[Clinical observation of breast hyperplasia treated with auricular point sticking therapy and Xiaopijian].

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To observe the efficacy difference in the treatment of breast hyperplasia between the combined therapy of auricular point sticking and Xiaopijian and the simple application of Xiaopijian.


Ninety-one patients were randomized into an observation group (46 cases) and a control group (45 cases). In the observation group, the sticking therapy on the auricular points was applied in combination with the oral medication of Chinese herbal medicine, Xiaopijian. Auricular points included Ruxian, Neifenmi (CO18), Luanchan, Shenmen (TF4), Gan (CO2), Pi (CO13). The auricular point sticking therapy was applied once a week on the auricular points of one side alternatively. Xiaopijian was the self-prepared decoction. The main ingredients are radix bupleuri Bupleurum chinense, spica prunellae prunella vulgaris and radix peoniae alba Paeonia lactiflora, 30 mL each time, three times a day. In the control group, Xiaopijian was simply prescribed for oral administration, 30 mL each time, 3 times a day. The treatment was discontinued during menstruation in the two groups. The menstrual cycle of one month made one session of treatment. The treatments for 3 sessions were observed. The scores of symptoms and physical signs, including the degree of breast pain, hardness and size of breast masses as well as the scores of general and supplementary symptoms were compared before and after treatment in the patients of the two groups. The clinical efficacy was compared between the two groups.


After treatment, the scores of symptoms and physical signs were reduced apparently as compared with those before treatment in the patients of the two groups (both P<0. 05). The score reduction in the observation group was much more than that in the control group (11.02±1. 78 vs 9.82±1. 53, P<0. 05). The total effective rate was 95.7% (44/46) in the observation group, higher apparently than 80. 0% (36/45, P<0. 05).


The combined therapy of auricular point sticking and Xiaopijian achieves the superior efficacy on breast hyperplasia as compared with the simple application of Xiaopijian.

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