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Gene. 1989 Feb 20;75(2):271-88.

Complete nucleotide sequence and gene organization of the broad-host-range plasmid RSF1010.

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Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, F.R.G.


We present the complete nucleotide sequence of RSF1010, a naturally occurring broad-host-range plasmid belonging to the Escherichia coli incompatibility group Q and encoding resistance to streptomycin and sulfonamides. A molecule of RSF1010 DNA consists of 8684 bp and has a G + C content of 61%. Analysis of the distribution of translation start and stop codons in the sequence has revealed the existence of more than 40 open reading frames potentially capable of encoding polypeptides of 60 or more amino acids. To date, products of eleven such potential RSF1010 genes have been identified through the application of controlled expression vector systems, and for eight of them, the reading frame has been confirmed by N- and/or C-terminal amino acid sequence determinations on the purified proteins. The sequencing results are discussed in relation to the systems of replication, host range, conjugal mobilization and antibiotic resistance determinants associated with the RSF1010 plasmid.

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