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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1989 Feb 23;994(3):195-9.

The position of the disulfide bonds in human plasma alpha 2 HS-glycoprotein and the repeating double disulfide bonds in the domain structure.

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Department of Biochemistry, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston University Medical Center, MA.


The positions of the inter- and intra-chain disulfide bonds of human plasma alpha 2 HS-glycoprotein were determined. alpha 2 HS-glycoprotein was digested with acid proteinase and then with thermolysin. The disulfide bonds containing peptides were separated by reversed-phase HPLC and detected by SBD-F (7-fluorobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diasole-4-sulfonic acid ammonium salt) method. One inter-disulfide bond containing peptide and five intra-disulfide bond containing peptides (A-chain) were purified and identified as Cys-18 (B-chain)--Cys-14 (A-chain), Cys-71--Cys-82, Cys-96--Cys-114, Cys-128--Cys-131, Cys-190--Cys-201 and Cys-212--Cys-229, respectively. The location of the intra-disulfide bonds revealed that the A-chain of alpha 2 HS-glycoprotein is composed of three domains. Two domains were shown to possess intramolecular homology judging from the total chain length of the domains, size of the loops formed by the S--S bonds, the location of two disulfide loops near the C-terminal end of domains A and B, the distance between two S--S bonds of each domain, the amino acid sequence homology between these two domains (22.6%), number of amino acid residues between the second S--S loops and the end of domains A and B, and the positions of the ordered structures.

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