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Bacteriophage. 2014 Dec 16;4(4):e980125. eCollection 2014.

Niche-dependent genetic diversity in Antarctic metaviromes.

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Centre for Microbial Ecology and Genomics; University of Pretoria ; Pretoria, South Africa ; Genome Research Institute; University of Pretoria ; Pretoria, South Africa.
Institute for Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics; University of the Western Cape ; Bellville, South Africa.
Genome Research Institute; University of Pretoria ; Pretoria, South Africa.
The International Center for Terrestrial Antarctic Research; University of Waikato ; Hamilton, New Zealand.


The metaviromes from 2 different Antarctic terrestrial soil niches have been analyzed. Both hypoliths (microbial assemblages beneath transluscent rocks) and surrounding open soils showed a high level diversity of tailed phages, viruses of algae and amoeba, and virophage sequences. Comparisons of other global metaviromes with the Antarctic libraries showed a niche-dependent clustering pattern, unrelated to the geographical origin of a given metavirome. Within the Antarctic open soil metavirome, a putative circularly permuted, ∼42kb dsDNA virus genome was annotated, showing features of a temperate phage possessing a variety of conserved protein domains with no significant taxonomic affiliations in current databases.


Antarctica; Caudovirales; hypolith; metaviromics; temperate phage; virophage

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