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Childhood Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment (PDQ®): Health Professional Version.


PDQ Pediatric Treatment Editorial Board.


PDQ Cancer Information Summaries [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Cancer Institute (US); 2002-.
2018 Apr 2.


This PDQ cancer information summary for health professionals provides comprehensive, peer-reviewed, evidence-based information about the treatment of childhood soft tissue sarcoma. It is intended as a resource to inform and assist clinicians who care for cancer patients. It does not provide formal guidelines or recommendations for making health care decisions. This summary is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary by the PDQ Pediatric Treatment Editorial Board, which is editorially independent of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The summary reflects an independent review of the literature and does not represent a policy statement of NCI or the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


childhood soft tissue sarcoma; childhood alveolar soft-part sarcoma; childhood angiosarcoma; childhood desmoplastic small round cell tumor; childhood fibrosarcoma; childhood leiomyosarcoma; childhood liposarcoma; childhood neurofibrosarcoma; childhood synovial sarcoma; clear cell sarcoma of soft tissue; dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans; desmoid-type fibromatosis; ectomesenchymoma; epithelioid hemangioendothelioma; epithelioid sarcoma; extraskeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma; extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma; extraskeletal osteosarcoma; infantile fibrosarcoma; infantile myofibromatosis; inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor; low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma; malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor; malignant triton tumor; myopericytoma; myxofibrosarcoma; PEComa; plexiform fibrohistiocytic tumor; sclerosing epithelioid fibrosarcoma

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