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IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell. 2015 Oct;37(10):2146-52. doi: 10.1109/TPAMI.2015.2392774.

Spatiotemporal Directional Number Transitional Graph for Dynamic Texture Recognition.


Spatiotemporal image descriptors are gaining attention in the image research community for better representation of dynamic textures. In this paper, we introduce a dynamic-micro-texture descriptor, i.e., spatiotemporal directional number transitional graph (DNG), which describes both the spatial structure and motion of each local neighborhood by capturing the direction of natural flow in the temporal domain. We use the structure of the local neighborhood, given by its principal directions, and compute the transition of such directions between frames. Moreover, we present the statistics of the direction transitions in a transitional graph, which acts as a signature for a given spatiotemporal region in the dynamic texture. Furthermore, we create a sequence descriptor by dividing the spatiotemporal volume into several regions, computing a transitional graph for each of them, and represent the sequence as a set of graphs. Our results validate the robustness of the proposed descriptor in different scenarios for expression recognition and dynamic texture analysis.


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