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Boll Soc Ital Biol Sper. 1989 Nov;65(11):1031-7.

Immunolocalization of beta 3 subunit of integrins in osteoclast membrane.


Utilizing isolated and cultured osteoclasts it has been possible to establish that they adhere to the substrate through specialized close contact areas, the podosomes, that in fully spread osteoclasts in vitro or in vivo are located within the clear zone. The cytochemical organization of podosomes has further been investigated in order to elucidate their possible involvement in the control of substrate recognition, that precedes bone resorption. An immunofluorescence investigation, performed utilizing human osteoclasts, shows that the beta 2 integrin subunit that in human monocytes is expressed and located in podosomes is absent in human osteoclasts, while the beta 3 subunit of the vitronectin receptor is expressed by osteoclasts, but not by other monocyte-derived cells and colocalizes with vinculin around the actin core of the podosome. The beta 1 subunit of the fibronectin receptors is also found, but with a diffuse pattern, in the osteoclast membrane. These results indicate that podosomes, while present in different cell types, may have in the osteoclast an unique cytochemical organization related to the peculiar function of this cell.

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