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Transplant Proc. 2015 Jul-Aug;47(6):1840-4. doi: 10.1016/j.transproceed.2015.06.009.

Renal Cell Cancer in a European Regional Renal Transplant Population: Is There a Role for Immediate Native Renal Radiological Surveillance Before and After Transplantation?

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Department of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Electronic address:
Department of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.



The risk of the development of renal cell cancer (RCC) in renal transplant recipients is several times higher than the general population. There can often be a delay between initial radiological imaging and patients undergoing renal transplantation. We present and evaluate the prevalence and clinical characteristics of RCC in renal transplant recipients at a single UK transplant center, with particular focus on tumors diagnosed in the immediate post-operative period, that is, likely present before transplantation.


This is a retrospective cohort study examining all renal transplant recipients with the diagnosis of RCC of native and/or graft kidneys followed up in a single UK transplant center.


Between January 2002 and April 2014, 1386 patients underwent renal transplantation. 19 of 1386 patients had development of RCC (1.4%): 17 native and 2 graft tumors. The mean interval between pre-operative native renal imaging and transplantation was 3.5 years in 13 of 19 patients (range, 1-10 years). Six patients had no documented renal imaging before their renal transplant. The median time from transplantation to diagnosis of RCC was 5 years (range, 1 month to 30 years). In 5 patients (26.3%), RSS developed within 6 months of undergoing renal transplantation.


In our study, we identified several patients with RCC diagnosed shortly after surgery, which raised the possibility that this was present before transplantation. With transplant recipients at increased risk of development of RCC and early detection key in the management of RCC, there appears to be a role for native renal radiological screening for patients undergoing renal transplantation.

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