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Soc Biol. 1989 Fall-Winter;36(3-4):271-8.

The norm for perceived husband superiority: a cause of human assortative marriage.


I have suggested that human assortative marriage for a number of variables is partially caused by behavior in accordance with two norms. Epstein and Guttman (1987) have suggested that there is no empirical evidence for these norms. In this note evidence is reviewed for the norm of perceived husband-superiority. Others have shown that the evidence for this norm is strong in regard to height, and it is shown here that the evidence is strong also in regard to age. Evidence for the norm seems suggestive in regard to IQ, education, and social class, and nonexistent in regard to physical attractiveness. With respect to height, it seems that the magnitude of the correlation between spouses is associated with the size of the breeding population to which they belong. Thus, it seems likely that the hypothesized norms are learned rather than genetically coded.

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