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J Theor Biol. 1989 Apr 20;137(4):423-44.

Control analysis of time-dependent metabolic systems.

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Department of Genetics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Metabolic Control Analysis is extended to time dependent systems. It is assumed that the time derivative of the metabolite concentrations can be written as a linear combination of rate laws, each one of first order with respect to the corresponding enzyme concentration. The definitions of the control and elasticity coefficients are extended, and a new type of coefficient ("time coefficient", "T") is defined. First, we prove that simultaneous changes in all enzyme concentrations by the same arbitrary factor, is equivalent to a change in the time scale. When infinitesimal changes are considered, these arguments lead to the derivation of general summation theorems that link control and time coefficients. The comparison of two systems with identical rates, that only differ in one metabolite concentration, leads to a method for the construction of general connectivity theorems, that relate control and elasticity coefficients. A mathematical proof in matrix form, of the summation and connectivity relationships, for time dependent systems is given. Those relationships allow one to express the control coefficients in terms of the elasticity and time coefficients for the case of unbranched pathway.

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