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Przegl Epidemiol. 2015;69(2):257-61, 375-8.

Hepatitis C in Poland in 2013.

[Article in English, Polish]

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Department of Epidemiology, National Institute of Public Health-National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.



Since 1997, hepatitis C (HCV infection) is registered separately in epidemiological surveillance in Poland. Having considered the predominance of chronic infections of long-term asymptomatic course, the number of infections detected in successive years and registered in surveillance system does not reflect the actual dynamics of hepatitis C epidemiological situation. To a large extent, it is dependent on current HCV testing practices. Furthermore, it may also result from modifications introduced to the regulations of HCV case notification.


This article aims at evaluating the epidemiological situation of hepatitis C in Poland in 2013 with the reference to the data from previous years.


Epidemiological situation of hepatitis C in Poland was analyzed on a basis of aggregated data from routine surveillance system published in annual bulletin "Infectious diseases and poisonings in Poland in 2013"(Czarkowski MP et al. Warsaw: NIPH-NIH and CSI, 2013). Data on hepatitis C mortality was derived from the Demographic Surveys and Labour Market Department of the Central Statistical Office.


In 2013, a total of 2,705 (incidence 7.03 per 100,000) HCV infections meeting 2005 definition were reported in Poland, including 35 co-infections with HCV and HBV (1.3%). Having compared to 2012, there was an increase in incidence by 15% (2,359; 6.12). In 2013, 2,641 cases (6,86) meeting 2009 definition were registered. Compared to 2012, it was an increase by 16% (2,268; 5.89). In 2013, 175 HCV fatal cases were reported, of whom only 2 were due to the acute stage of disease.


In recent years, a societal burden resulting from undiagnosed or untreated chronic HCV infections is on the increase. It is demonstrated by high HCV mortality and increasing trend of incidence of symptomatic chronic hepatitis C (2005 definition) and hospitalizations.

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