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Cross-Sectional Validation of a Quality of Life Questionnaire in Spanish for Patients Allergic to Hymenoptera Venom.



The first quality of life questionnaire for Vespula-allergic patients (Vespid Allergy Quality of Life Questionnaire [VQLQ) was developed in 2002. Our objective was to perform the cross-sectional validation of the Spanish version of this questionnaire.


Using the original English-language version of the VQLQ as a starting point, the Spanish translation and cultural adaptation were performed and the first Spanish version was backtranslated into English and discussed with the authors of the original version. The result was the Spanish Health-related Quality of Life Questionnaire for Hymenoptera Venom-Allergic Patients (HRQLHA). Cross-sectional validation was carried out in a multicenter study using a test-retest design. Patients over the age of 14 diagnosed with systemic allergic reaction to venom from Apis, Vespula, or Polistes species were included. The test-retest reliability, external validity, and internal consistency of the questionnaire were measured.


The sample comprised 116 patients. The mean HRQLHA score was 3.48. Test-retest reliability showed an intraclass correlation coefficient of 0.85. HRQLHA showed a positive correlation (0.5) with an external questionnaire, thus demonstrating its external validity. Analysis of the internal consistency of the HRQLHA yielded a Cronbach α of 0.95, which can be considered to be excellent.


Statistical analysis revealed the high test-retest reliability, internal consistency, and external validity of the HRQLHA. The HRQLHA is the first validated questionnaire to include patients allergic to Polistes species, which is common in our area. Our findings show that the questionnaire is also valid for these patients.

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