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Can J Microbiol. 2015 Aug;61(8):531-8. doi: 10.1139/cjm-2015-0063. Epub 2015 May 19.

Mucosal and systemic immune responses induced by a single time vaccination strategy in mice.

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a Immunology Department, Finlay Institute, P.O. Box 16017, Havana, Cuba.
b Permanent Mission of Cuba, Geneva, Switzerland.
c Havana Medical School, Havana, Cuba.
d Animal Models Direction, Finlay Institute, P.O. Box 16017, Havana, Cuba.


Vaccination is considered by the World Health Organization as the most cost-effective strategy for controlling infectious diseases. In spite of great successes with vaccines, many infectious diseases are still leading killers, because of the inadequate coverage of many vaccines. Several factors have been responsible: number of doses, high vaccine reactogenicity, vaccine costs, vaccination policy, among others. Contradictorily, few vaccines are of single dose and even less of mucosal administration. However, more common infections occur via mucosa, where secretory immunoglobulin A plays an essential role. As an alternative, we proposed a novel protocol of vaccination called Single Time Vaccination Strategy (SinTimVaS) by immunizing 2 priming doses at the same time: one by mucosal route and the other by parenteral route. Here, the mucosal and systemic responses induced by Finlay adjuvants (AF Proteoliposome 1 and AF Cochleate 1) implementing SinTimVaS in BALB/c mice were evaluated. One intranasal dose of AF Cochleate 1 and an intramuscular dose of AF Proteoliposome 1 adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide, with bovine serum albumin or tetanus toxoid as model antigens, administrated at the same time, induced potent specific mucosal and systemic immune responses. Also, we demonstrated that SinTimVaS using other mucosal routes like oral and sublingual, in combination with the subcutaneous route elicits immune responses. SinTimVaS, as a new immunization strategy, could increase vaccination coverage and reduce time-cost vaccines campaigns, adding the benefits of immune response in mucosa.


adjuvants; cochleates; cochléaires; immunisation mucosale; mucosal immunization; outer membrane vesicles; stratégie de vaccination; vaccination strategy; vésicules de membrane externe

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