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Genomics. 1989 Oct;5(3):527-34.

Cloning and mapping of a testis-specific gene with sequence similarity to a sperm-coating glycoprotein gene.

Author information

  • 1Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida 33101.


A testis-specific gene Tpx-1, located between Pgk-2 and Mep-1 on mouse chromosome 17, was isolated from a cosmid clone, and its cDNA sequences were determined. The predicted coding sequence of Tpx-1 isolated from BALB/c mice showed 64.2% nucleotide and 55.1% amino acid sequence similarity with that of a rat sperm-coating glycoprotein gene, the protein product of which is secreted by the epididymis. To examine the evolutionary relationship between Tpx-1 and a sperm-coating glycoprotein gene, the cDNA sequence of TPX1, the human counterpart of Tpx-1, was determined. The comparison of the predicted coding sequences of Tpx-1 and TPX1 showed 77.8% nucleotide and 70% amino acid sequence similarity. Since Tpx-1 (from mouse) is more similar to TPX1 (from man) than it is to a rat sperm-coating glycoprotein gene, we conclude that Tpx-1 (TPX1) and a sperm-coating glycoprotein gene are closely related, but distinct, genes belonging to the same gene family. The predicted Tpx-1 protein of a t mutant mouse CRO437 differs from that of BALB/c mice by one amino acid insertion in the putative signal peptide. TPX1 was mapped to 6p21-qter by Southern blot analysis of interspecies somatic hybrid cell lines.

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