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Electromagn Biol Med. 2015;34(2):113-22. doi: 10.3109/15368378.2015.1036079.

Illuminating water and life: Emilio Del Giudice.

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Institute of Science in Society , London , UK.


The quantum electrodynamics theory of water put forward by Del Giudice and colleagues provides a useful foundation for a new science of water for life. The interaction of light with liquid water generates quantum coherent domains in which the water molecules oscillate between the ground state and an excited state close to the ionizing potential of water. This produces a plasma of almost free electrons favoring redox reactions, the basis of energy metabolism in living organisms. Coherent domains stabilized by surfaces, such as membranes and macromolecules, provide the excited interfacial water that enables photosynthesis to take place, on which most of life on Earth depends. Excited water is the source of superconducting protons for rapid intercommunication within the body. Coherent domains can also trap electromagnetic frequencies from the environment to orchestrate and activate specific biochemical reactions through resonance, a mechanism for the most precise regulation of gene function.


Acupuncture meridians; collagen proton conduction; electromagnetic intercommunication; proton superconduction; quantum coherent organism; quantum electrodynamics of water; resonance; water in nanospace

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