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Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2015 Feb;40(3):501-5.

[Effect of emodin in attenuating endoplasmic reticulum stress of pancreatic acinar AR42J cells].

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To explore the effect of emodin on endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress of pancreatic acinar AR42J cells.


Rat pancreatic acinar AR42J cells were cultured in 6-well plates, and divided into the normal control group, the model group (with the final concentration at 1 x 10(-7) mol · L(-1) for cerulean and lipopolysaccharide at 10 mg · L(-1)) and the emodin group (10, 20, 40 μmol · L(-1)). Cells in each group were cultured in three multiple pores for 24 h, and their supernate was removed after cell attachment. The normal control group was added with haploids, the model group was added with the modeling liquid for haploids, and the treatment groups were added with different concentrations of emodin at 15-20 min before the modeling liquid. The cells were continuously cultured for 3 h under 37 °C and 5% CO2. Their intracellular protease and lipase expressions were detected with kits. The cellular morphology was observed under optical microscope. The level of calcium in endoplasmic reticulum was measured under laser confocal microscopy. Western blot assay were used to determine the protein expression of ER-related signaling molecules.


Emodin could significantly inhibit levels of amylase, lipase and intracellular calcium and ER.


Emodin could reduce pancreatic acinar cell injury induced by the combination of cerulean and lipopolysaccharide. Its action mechanism is correlated with the inhibition of intracellular calcium overload and ER stress.

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