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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1989 Dec 15;165(2):735-41.

Molecular cloning of new human TR2 receptors: a class of steroid receptor with multiple ligand-binding domains.

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Department of Surgery/Urology, University of Chicago, Illinois 60637.


Previously we isolated a new group of cDNA clones from human testis cDNA libraries which might code for new steroid receptors. The cDNA and predicted amino acid sequences of two of these receptors, named TR2-5 and TR2-7 receptors, were determined. We report here the nucleotide and deduced amino acid structures of two other receptors that we named TR2-9 and TR2-11 receptors. The calculated MW of TR2-5 receptor, TR2-7 receptor, TR2-9 receptor and TR2-11 receptor are 52,982, 20,528, 50,849 and 67,223 respectively, which match well with the apparent MW of in vitro translated products. The 26 amino acids involved in the formation of "Zn-fingers" are conserved. The ligand-binding domain of TR2-9 receptor is 16 amino acids shorter and has 3 different amino acids compared with TR2-5 receptor. The TR2-11 receptor has a ligand-binding domain which is longer and quite different compared with the other TR2 receptors. The multiple ligand-binding domains of TR2 receptor could be the products of different genes or may be due to RNA splicing errors. So far, we have failed to find binding activity with any known steroid hormone; this promotes the possibility that an unidentified steroid hormone may be involved.

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