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Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 1989 Jul-Sep;33(3):139-45.

REM sleep deprivation and food intake.

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Department of Human Biology, Punjabi University, Patiala.


The effect of REM-sleep deprivation (REM-SD) on diet preference was studied in rats. REM-SD for a period of 72 hrs produced an increase in day, night and 24 hrs (day plus night) intakes of Carbohydrate Rich diet (CRD) and Total diet (TD). Body weight (BWt) was also increased. The maximum increase in the above parameters were recorded on the 2nd day of REM-SD. During recovery period the intakes of TD fully recovered, but the BWt and consumption of CRD remained high. Intakes of Balanced diet (BD) remained significantly on the lower side when compared to the pre REM-SD mean values. During REM-SD, the rats preferred CRD than BD. The body temperature did not show any change. The increase in TD intake and BWt could be the result of an increase in insulin level and the change appears to be mediated by the activation of hypothalamic feeding centre.

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