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Methods Mol Biol. 2015;1291:49-61. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-2498-1_5.

Retroviral vector expression in TCR transgenic CD4⁺ T cells.

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Division of Vaccine Discovery, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology (LJI), 9420 Athena Circle, La Jolla, CA, 92037, USA,


The regulation of gene expression is key to understand the function of genes of interest. To explore the biological functions of genes, transgenic knock-in or knockout technologies have served as invaluable tools. While recent advances in molecular biology have introduced new techniques (i.e., CRISPR mediated gene editing) (Cong et al., Science 339(6121):819-823, 2013; Wang et al., Cell 153(4):910-918, 2013) for the generation of transgenic mice in a relatively short period of time, it can still take a long time to test biological hypotheses from scratch to design how to generate knock-in or knockout mice. Here, we describe methods to manipulate gene expression in T cell receptor (TCR) transgenic CD4 T cells, which allow us to investigate gene functions in the study of differentiation pathways of follicular helper T (Tfh) cells.

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