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J Pak Med Assoc. 2014 Nov;64(11):1315-7.

Eagle syndrome; radiological evaluation and management.


Eagle syndrome is a rare condition where elongated temporal styloid processes, or calcified stylohyoid ligaments, are in conflict with the adjacent anatomical structures giving rise to a complex range of symptoms including otalgia, dysphagia, foreign body sensation in throat, pain along carotid artery distribution and others. Commonly, the syndrome is documented to be unilateral. However, bilateral cases are also reported though rarely. Multislice computed tomography scan with 3D reconstruction can be really helpful in diagnosing the elongated styloid processes and their mass effect on the surrounding adjacent anatomical structures. Scan is also helpful in deciding further management and guides the surgeon on how and from where to approach the surgery. We present here a case of a 37-years-old man with significantly enlarged and thickened bilateral styloid process causing significant characteristic symptoms.

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