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Exp Hematol. 1985 May;13(4):237-43.

Characterization of fibroblastic stromal cells from murine bone marrow.


Several properties of fibroblastic colony-forming units (CFU-F) from murine bone marrow and their in vitro progeny were evaluated. CFU-F had a high buoyant density relative to total bone marrow cells; they were noncycling in situ and adhered to nylon wool. The fibroblastic cells stained positively for fibronectin, lipid, alkaline phosphatase, and nonspecific esterase, while phagocytosis assays were negative, and ultrastructural analysis failed to reveal desmosomes. These properties contrasted bone-marrow-derived fibroblastic cells to both endothelial cells and macrophages. Fibroblastic cells derived from several hemopoietic organs and skin were screened for antigenic determinants present on hemopoietic cells using monoclonal antibodies. Mac-1 and B220 were absent from all fibroblastic cells studied, whereas the Forsmann and Pgp-1 antigens were always present. Thy-1 was not detected on bone-marrow-derived fibroblasts, but was present on fibroblastic cells derived from other sources. T200 was found on all hemopoietic organ-derived fibroblastic cells, but not on those derived from blood and skin. Thus, analysis of antigenic determinants allowed distinction between fibroblastic cells from different organs.

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