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Virology. 1985 Feb;141(1):130-43.

Avian leukosis virus-induced osteopetrosis is associated with the persistent synthesis of viral DNA.


DNAs from 19 cases of avian leukosis virus-induced osteopetrosis have been analyzed for viral sequences. Among these were instances of rapid, intermediate, and slow onset osteopetrosis. The DNAs from osteopetrotic bone contained no evidence for osteopetrosis being caused by proviral insertions into or viral transductions of a host protooncogene. Instead, DNAs from osteopetrotic bone displayed evidence for osteopetrosis being associated with the persistent synthesis of viral DNA. Each of the 19 DNAs contained unintegrated as well as integrated viral DNA. Rapid onset osteopetrosis contained about 3X more viral and proviral DNA than intermediate or late onset osteopetrosis. Unintegrated viral DNA could not be detected in DNAs extracted from the bursa bone marrow of osteopetrotic chickens or in DNA extracted from the normal bones of an avian leukosis virus-infected chicken. Thus, the persistent synthesis of unintegrated viral DNA was observed in osteopetrotic but not normal tissues of avian leukosis virus-infected chickens.

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