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Am J Hum Genet. 1989 Dec;45(6):835-47.

Topography of the Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) gene: FIGE and cDNA analysis of 194 cases reveals 115 deletions and 13 duplications.

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Department of Human Genetics, State University Leiden, The Netherlands.


We have studied 34 Becker and 160 Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) patients with the dystrophin cDNA, using conventional blots and FIGE analysis. One hundred twenty-eight mutations (65%) were found, 115 deletions and 13 duplications, of which 106 deletions and 11 duplications could be precisely mapped in relation to both the mRNA and the major and minor mutation hot spots. Junction fragments, ideal markers for carrier detection, were found in 23 (17%) of the 128 cases. We identified eight new cDNA RFLPs within the DMD gene. With the use of cDNA probes we have completed the long-range map of the DMD gene, by the identification of a 680-kb SfiI fragment containing the gene's 3' end. The size of the DMD gene is now determined to be about 2.3 million basepairs. The combination of cDNA hybridizations with long-range analysis of deletion and duplication patients yields a global picture of the exon spacing within the dystrophin gene. The gene shows a large variability of intron size, ranging from only a few kilobases to 160-180 kb for the P20 intron.

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