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Cell. 1989 Sep 8;58(5):833-46.

Isolation of a human cyclin cDNA: evidence for cyclin mRNA and protein regulation in the cell cycle and for interaction with p34cdc2.

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Molecular Biology and Virology Laboratory, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, San Diego, California 92138.


This paper reports the nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence of a human B-type cyclin. The predicted protein sequence shows strong homology to the other known cyclins in the central third of the protein. We show that the level of cyclin mRNA is regulated during the cell cycle, increasing during G2 phase to four time that present in G1. The protein accumulates steadily during G2 to at least 20 times its level in G1 and is abruptly destroyed at mitosis. In G2/M phase, cyclin is associated with p34cdc2, the human homolog of the fission yeast gene cdc2+, and this complex has histone H1 kinase activity.

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