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Genomics. 1989 Jul;5(1):56-60.

Localization of the properdin structural locus to Xp11.23-Xp21.1.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.


Properdin is a serum protein belonging to the alternative pathway of complement activation whose absence is often associated with fatal bacterial infections. Properdin deficiency segregates with an X-linked recessive pattern and its position has been recently refined by genetic linkage analysis to the proximal part of the X-chromosome short arm near the OTC and DXS7 loci. We have hybridized an 0.8-kb genomic clone encoding part of the human properdin gene to a panel of somatic cell hybrids retaining different portions of the human X chromosome and thereby localized the probe to Xcen-Xp21.1. Furthermore, in situ hybridization of the same probe to replication banded metaphase chromosomes refined this localization to the region Xp11.23-Xp21.1 (with a peak grain distribution in the region equivalent to Xp11.4). As OTC and DXS7 map to Xp21.1 and Xp11.3, respectively, the data presented here strongly suggest that the X-linked deficiency syndrome is due to a defect in the locus encoding the structural properdin gene or in a physically close regulatory locus.

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