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PhytoKeys. 2015 Jan 13;(44):1-13. doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.44.7993. eCollection 2015.

Three new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Bahia, Brazil.

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Departamento de Ciências Biológicas, Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana, Av. Transnordestina, s/n, Novo Horizonte, 44036-900, Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil.
Centro de Formação em Ciências Ambientais, Instituto Sosígenes Costa de Humanidades, Artes e Ciências (IHAC), Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia (UFSB), BR 367, Km 10 da Rodovia Porto Seguro-Eunápolis - Centro de Convenções, 45.810-000, Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil.


in English, Portuguese

The taxonomic treatment of Begoniaceae for the state of Bahia, Brazil, led to the recognition of three new species of Begonia with narrow distributions, which are described and illustrated here: Begoniadelicata Gregório & J.A.S. Costa, sp. nov. is a herb restricted to the region of the Recôncavo; Begoniaelianeae Gregório & J.A.S. Costa, sp. nov. is a shrub endemic to the Atlantic forest of the southern part of the state; and Begoniapaganuccii Gregório & J.A.S. Costa, sp. nov. is a subshrub known only from the type material, collected in the Piedmont of Paraguaçu. Notes on morphology, comparisons with morphologically similar species, etymology, geographic distribution, habitat and phenological data for each species are also presented. Furthermore, keys are provided as an aid to separating the new species from congeneric species that occur in their surroundings. Due to the sparse knowledge of the new species, there is as yet insufficient data to accurately assess their conservation status.


Atlantic forest; Litoral Sul; Mata Atlântica; Piedmont of Paraguaçu; Piemonte do Paraguaçu; Recôncavo; South coast; taxonomia; taxonomy

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