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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1989 Aug 15;162(3):1346-50.

The role of endosomal traffic in the transendothelial transport of ceruloplasmin in the liver.

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University of Mississippi School of Medicine, Jackson.


Through a process resembling receptor-mediated endocytosis, liver endothelium binds and internalizes the plasma glycoprotein ceruloplasmin (CP) on the luminal side. The protein is then transported via a vesicular system to the albuminal side where it is externalized to the space of Disse. In its path, the glycoprotein is fully desialylated. To determine if the endosomal compartment is involved in this transport, we used endosomal inhibitors NH4Cl, ethylamine as well as monensin to quantitatively measure the magnitude of radiolabeled CP transport across purified liver endothelial cells. All three reagents inhibited the transport of CP and its discharge by endothelium. The magnitude of inhibition was dose-related for all three reagents. We conclude that the endosomal compartment is involved in the transendothelial transport of CP across the liver endothelium.

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