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Georgian Med News. 2015 Jan;(238):94-7.

[The influence of extracorporeal laser radiation on structural indices of erythrocytes].

[Article in Russian]


Object of the research was to study the diffractometric indices of erythrocytes, while 1 ml of the blood of the experimental animals was irradiated extracorporally by helium-neon laser. For this purpose 1 ml blood was taken from normal weight, (1200 gr) grown up shinshila rabbits, that we divided into 7 groups and irradiated with 10 vat helium-neon laser during 0.5-1 minutes. After irradiation blood was injected back to the organism of rabbits. After 2-6 hours from irradiation blood was taken from veins, to study by electronic microscope and later to be processed by diffractometric analysis method. The examinations testify that after extracorporeal irradiation diffractometric characteristics of erythrocytes' membranes are lower than after general irradiation, which indicates to the different energetic possibilities of laser. The extracorporeal irradiation, performed by laser and input of radiated blood back to organism is considered to be a shock therapy from the side of erythrocytes, which promote the defense function of the organism itself. The base for the shock therapy should be important factors such as homeostasis, compensative-adaptive mechanisms and so on. Exactly this above mentioned should be manifested after the sensitized cells are led back to the body (1 ml of blood) and with their existence they should promote display of the defense mechanisms.

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