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Lancet. 1989 Jun 24;1(8652):1414-8.

Variable expression of P fimbriae in Escherichia coli urinary tract infection.

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KRUF Institute of Renal Disease, University of Wales College of Medicine, Royal Infirmary, Cardiff.


Fresh urinary isolates were examined by immunofluorescence with polyclonal rabbit antibodies against type 1 and P fimbriae. This procedure showed P-fimbriate Escherichia coli in 22 of 24 samples from patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria, 24 of 26 samples from patients with cystitis, and 6 of 6 samples from patients with pyelonephritis. Type 1 fimbriae were expressed by less than 40% of isolates in all three groups. There was no relation between the presence of symptoms or the site of infection and fimbrial expression, of P or type 1, by bacteria adherent to freshly isolated uroepithelial cells.

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