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Anticancer Res. 2015 Feb;35(2):1091-7.

Alteration of miRNA expression correlates with lifestyle, social and environmental determinants in esophageal carcinoma.

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Transdanubian Regional National Public Health Institute, Szombathely, Hungary.
Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary
Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary.
Department of Pathology, Teaching Hospital Markusovszky, University of Pécs, Szombathely, Hungary.



Esophageal cancer (EC) is the eighth most common cancer with a highly aggressive potency. Considering the poor survival of esophageal carcinoma there is a need for useful molecular biomarkers for prevention and early detection. Our aim was to determine the significance of altered microRNA (miRNA) expression in esophageal cancer, in relation to lifestyle, social and environmental factors.


The relative expression levels of the following miRNAs: miR-21, miR-143, miR-196a, miR-203, miR-205 and miR-221 were monitored in control and esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma (ESCC) samples using real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). miRNA expression pattern of tumor tissues were evaluated according to patients' social status, living condition, smoking and drinking habits alone and in combinations.


miR-21, miR-143, miR-203, miR-205 and miR-221 were over-expressed in esophageal cancer compared with normal tissues. Increased expression of miR-205 was related to smoking, while excessive alcohol consumption showed a correlation with under-expression of miR-143, miR-203 and miR-205 in tumor samples. Significant associations were detected between reduced expression of miR-143, miR-203 and low social status, and combination of smoking and heavy drinking.


Alterations of miRNA expression in ESCC can be correlated with the presence of common risk factors. The altered expression of certain miRNAs could be used as novel molecular markers of esophageal carcinoma.


Environmental factors; esophageal carcinoma; lifestyle factors; microRNA; socioeconomic factors

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