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Res Microbiol. 1989 Nov-Dec;140(9):615-26.

rRNA gene restriction patterns of Legionella species: a molecular identification system.

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Unité des Entérobactéries, INSERM Unité 199, Institut Pasteur, Paris.


A total of 28 species of Legionella could be differentiated by rRNA gene restriction patterns generated after cleavage of total DNA with either EcoRV or HindIII restriction endonucleases, and hybridization of fragments with 32P-labelled Escherichia coli 16 + 23S rRNA. Different species gave different fragment patterns. When several isolates of a species were tested, the patterns obtained were often identical. However, more than one pattern was often observed when more than one serotype was considered. The method should be useful for the identification of all species of Legionella including those exhibiting immunological cross-reactions.

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