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Genome Med. 2014 Nov 29;6(11):115. doi: 10.1186/s13073-014-0115-1. eCollection 2014.

Virus-host interactomics: new insights and opportunities for antiviral drug discovery.

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ENYO Pharma SAS, Lyon, 69007 France.
Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon, France ; CIRI, Université de Lyon, Lyon, 69365 France ; Inserm, U1111, Lyon, 69365 France.
CIRI, Université de Lyon, Lyon, 69365 France ; Inserm, U1111, Lyon, 69365 France.


The current therapeutic arsenal against viral infections remains limited, with often poor efficacy and incomplete coverage, and appears inadequate to face the emergence of drug resistance. Our understanding of viral biology and pathophysiology and our ability to develop a more effective antiviral arsenal would greatly benefit from a more comprehensive picture of the events that lead to viral replication and associated symptoms. Towards this goal, the construction of virus-host interactomes is instrumental, mainly relying on the assumption that a viral infection at the cellular level can be viewed as a number of perturbations introduced into the host protein network when viral proteins make new connections and disrupt existing ones. Here, we review advances in interactomic approaches for viral infections, focusing on high-throughput screening (HTS) technologies and on the generation of high-quality datasets. We show how these are already beginning to offer intriguing perspectives in terms of virus-host cell biology and the control of cellular functions, and we conclude by offering a summary of the current situation regarding the potential development of host-oriented antiviral therapeutics.

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