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Helicobacter. 2015 Apr;20(2):106-13. doi: 10.1111/hel.12183. Epub 2015 Jan 12.

Influence of prostate stem cell antigen gene polymorphisms on susceptibility to Helicobacter pylori-associated diseases: a case-control study.

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First Department of Medicine, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan.



Patients with duodenal ulcer have a reduced risk of developing gastric cancer compared to those without. Recently, the prostate stem cell antigen (PSCA) rs2294008 C>T polymorphism was found to be associated with different pathogenesis of duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer developments. However, whether PSCA rs2294008 C>T polymorphism is associated with severity of gastric mucosal atrophy is unclear. We examined the influence of the PSCA rs2294008 C>T polymorphism on susceptibility to H. pylori-related diseases and the relationships between PSCA polymorphism and gastric mucosal atrophy.


PSCA rs2294008 C>T polymorphism was assessed in H. pylori-positive Japanese patients (n = 488) with noncardia gastric cancer (n = 193), gastric ulcer (n = 84), duodenal ulcer (n = 61), and atrophic gastritis (n = 150), as well as in H. pylori-negatives (n = 266).


Frequency of PSCA rs2294008 C/C genotype in duodenal ulcer was 36.1%, which was significantly higher than those with gastric cancer (12.4%), gastric ulcer (19.0%), gastritis (10.7%), and H. pylori-negatives (19.5%) (p < .001). Compared with duodenal ulcer, having the T allele significantly increased the risk of gastric cancer (OR: 3.97, 95% CI: 2.02-7.80; p < .001), gastric ulcer (2.40, 1.13-5.10; p = .023), and gastritis (4.72, 2.26-9.86; p < .001). Mean pepsinogen (PG) I/PG II ratio in T allele carriers (2.17 ± 0.75) was significantly lower than that in C/C genotype (3.39 ± 1.27, p < .001).


The PSCA rs2294008 C>T polymorphism is associated with differing susceptibilities to H. pylori-associated diseases. The PSCA rs2294008 C>T polymorphism may be acting through induction of gastric mucosal atrophy, finally leading to development of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer in PSCA rs2294008 T allele carriers, but not duodenal ulcer.


H. pylori; PSCA; duodenal ulcer; dupA; gastric cancer

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