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Trends Pharmacol Sci. 1989 Mar;10(3):114-20.

Receptors that inhibit phosphoinositide breakdown.


Calcium-mobilizing receptors are believed to activate phospholipase C. Joel Linden and Thérèse Mary Delahunty summarize recent reports which indicate that activation of some receptors that inhibit the accumulation of Ca2+ within cells - notably receptors for adenosine, dopamine and several other neurotransmitters - can inhibit phosphoinositide metabolism. Two types of mechanism may be involved in these responses. Many instances of receptor-mediated inhibition of phosphoinositide breakdown can be detected only after a period of several minutes and may be secondary to receptor-mediated events that lower [Ca2+]i or activate certain protein kinases. In other instances the activation of receptors rapidly (within seconds) inhibits phosphoinositide breakdown, possibly via the activation of guanine nucleotide binding proteins that either directly, or by a rapid indirect action, inhibit phospholipase C. Putative mechanisms for direct and indirect regulation of phospholipase C are discussed.

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