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Gene. 1989 Sep 1;81(1):65-72.

Interplay of novobiocin-resistant and -sensitive DNA gyrase activities in self-protection of the novobiocin producer, Streptomyces sphaeroides.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester, U.K.


The novobiocin (Nb)-producing organism, Streptomyces sphaeroides, possesses two gyrB genes: gyrBS and gyrBR (encoding the DNA gyrase B subunit-the normal target for Nb) whose products differ in their response to the drug. Novobiocin-sensitive gyrase is the predominant form of the enzyme in this strain and is produced constitutively but at variable levels, whereas Nb-resistant gyrase appears when growth takes place in the presence of the drug. The promoter isolated from the Nb-resistance determinant responds sharply to changes in DNA topology, being activated when the (negative) superhelical density is reduced and vice versa when the supercoiling of DNA is increased. Thus, resistance to Nb in S. sphaeroides is induced by a reduction in DNA supercoiling due to the action of autogenous drug on the sensitive gyrase.

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