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J Med Assoc Thai. 2014 Feb;97 Suppl 2:S39-46.

Effects of curcumin on restoration and improvement of microvasculature characteristic in diabetic rat's choroid of eye.



To investigate the effect ofcurcumin on microvasculature changes in STZ-induced diabetic rat' choroid ofeye.


Male rats were divided into three groups: control (C) Diabetic rats were induced by streptozotocin (STZ) (60 mg/kg BW) (DM) diabetic rats treated with curcumin (DMC) (200 mg/kg BW). After 8 weeks of experiments, microvasculature changes of rat's choroid were studied under vascular corrosion cast technique with scanning electron microscope (SEM).


There were pathology and destruction of choroid microvasculature of DM group that revealed reduced and shrunken sizes of large and small blood vessels, compared with control group; long posterior ciliary arteries (LPCAs) (C = 113.70 +/- 1.38, DM = 83.53 +/- 2.70, DMC = 109.64 +/- 3.41 microm), choroid arteries (C = 94.97 +/- 2.79, DM = 59.36 +/- 2.61, DMC = 80.31 +/- 3.73 microm), vortex veins (C = 74.11 +/- 3.24, DM = 46.71 +/- 2.56, DMC = 64.66 +/- 3.60 microm), and Choriocapillaris (choroidal capillaries) (C = 13.61 +/- 0.62, DM = 4.46 +/- 0.24, DMC = 9.96 +/- 0.70 microm), respectively. In DM group, LPCAs and Choroid arteries were tortuous and showed shrinkage. Vortex veins became narrow. Choriocapillaris showed the pathological characteristics of vascular lesions including of shrinkage, constriction, microaneurysm and blind ending. Fascinatingly, Choroid microvasculature of the eye in curcumin treated group developed into regenerate and repaired conditions with healthy and normal characteristics.


Efficiency of curcumin treatment beneficially repaired and regenerated the redevelopment of choroid's microvascular complications of eye in 8-week experiments. Potential treatment with curcumin in diabetes has demonstrated in a meaningful way the therapeutic consequences in the improvement and recovery of choroidal blood vessels in eye pathology ofdiabetic rats.

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