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Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2014 Apr-Jun;58(2):178-81.

Effect of short-term physical exercise on serum total testosterone levels in young adults.


The effect of short term (12 weeks) physical exercise on serum total testosterone level was evaluated in 30 young male adults, aged 18-27 years (mean age 21.67±2.26 years). These medical students, having sedentary life style underwent heavy exercise by attaining heart rate 125-150 beats/min on bicycle ergometer for 15 min on alternate day basis amounted to 670 kilopond metre per minute work done and percentage of VO2max was 71±3. Pre-exercise serum total testosterone levels (5.49±1.31) of students were compared with those obtained after 1 week and 12 weeks of initiation of exercise. The serum total testosterone was measured by DRG Testosterone ELISA kit. After 1 week of exercise, a statistically insignificant decrease (5.488±1.32; P>0.05) was found while after 12 weeks of exercise, a statistically significant increase (6.41±2.28 P<0.05) was noticed between the pre-and post-exercise serum total testosterone levels. We conclude that short-term exercise produces an elevation in serum testosterone levels in young adults.

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