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Anim Sci J. 2015 Jun;86(6):646-54. doi: 10.1111/asj.12339. Epub 2014 Dec 9.

Tenderization potential of Hanwoo beef muscles from carcasses with differed genders and loin intramuscular fat content levels during post mortem ageing.

Author information

Animal Products and Processing Division, National Institute of Animal Science, Suwon, Korea.
Sunjin Meat Research Center, Seoul, Korea.


Carcasses from Hanwoo steers (n = 15) and cows (n = 15) were classified into three groups: group 1 (G1), the carcasses had 10% to < 11.5% intramuscular fat (IMF) in loin muscles; group 2 (G2), the carcasses had 13% to < 4.5% IMF in loin muscles; and group 3(G3), the carcasses had 17% to < 18.5% IMF in loin muscles. These were used to evaluate the effects of gender and carcass group on quality traits and Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBSF) of Psoas major (PM), Longissimus thoracis (LT), Longissimus lumborum (LL), Longus colli (LC), Supraspinatus (SS), Latissimus dorsi (LAD), Semimembranosus (SM), Quadriceps femoris (QF), Biceps femoris (BF) and Semitendinosus (ST) muscles. Our results showed that pH values of LT, LL, LC, BF and QF muscles were lower in steers than in cows (P < 0.05). Water holding capacity (WHC) was found higher in LC, SS, LAD and QF muscles of steers (P < 0.05). At day 2 of ageing, gender affected the WBSF values of only PM, LD and QF muscles in G1, and QF muscle in G3; however, with additional ageing, the gender effect was observed for most of the muscles. Most muscles showed ageing responses; however, the rates of ageing response significantly varied depending on gender and carcass groups. The muscles of G1 and G2 had generally higher tenderization potentials than those of G3. Furthermore, most muscles in G3 had generally lower WBSF values than in G1 and G2. These results clearly indicate that ageing has a significant effect on quality and WBSF of beef muscles, and the classification by loin IMF level may be useful for prediction of the tenderness of other muscles.


Warner-Bratzler shear force; ageing; gender; tenderization

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