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Cell. 1989 Jun 16;57(6):997-1007.

The fission yeast dis2+ gene required for chromosome disjoining encodes one of two putative type 1 protein phosphatases.

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Department of Biophysics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University, Japan.


S. pombe dis mutants block mitotic chromosome disjunction in a manner reminiscent of aneuploidy formation, and belong to three distinct genes, dis1-dis3. We cloned two independent genomic DNAs that complemented both the cold-sensitive and caffeine-hypersensitive phenotype of dis2-11. These genes, dis2+ and a suppressor sds21+, encode proteins (calculated MW 37,000) with similar predicted amino acid sequences. dis2+ and sds21+ have overlapping functions, and disruptants are lethal only when both genes are disrupted. The gene products identified by anti-dis2 serum are enriched in nuclei. By hybridization, we obtained two cDNA clones from mouse and one genomic clone from S. cerevisiae; the latter complements S. pombe dis2-11. These dis2+ and similar polypeptides of yeasts and mouse are found to be highly homologous (75%-90% identical) to rabbit protein phosphatase 1. The implications of these findings are discussed with regard to mitotic control.

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