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J Neurochem. 1989 Feb;52(2):544-50.

Creatine transport in cultured cells of rat and mouse brain.

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Physiologisch-chemisches Institut der Universität, Tübingen, F.R.G.


Astroglia-rich cultures derived from brains of newborn rats or mice use a transport system for the uptake of creatine. The uptake system is saturable, Na+-dependent, and highly specific for creatine and Na+. Kinetic studies on rat cells revealed a Km value for creatine of 45 microM, a Vmax of 17 nmol x h-1 x (mg of protein)-1, and a Km value of 55 mM for Na+. The carrier is competitively inhibited by guanidinopropionate (Ki = 15 microM). No such transport system was found in neuron-rich primary cultures from embryonic rat brain. It is hypothesized that creatine transport is an astroglial rather than a neuronal function.

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